A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for MyFirstGameJam Summer 2017.

Rogueception is a procedurally generated psychedelic journey through a dream within a dream.  There are no obstacles, just relax and enjoy the trip.

Controls: Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the terrain (not the player).  Just reach the goals on each stage.  The red line points to the goal for the current level.


rogueception.app.zip 86 MB
rogueception.tar.bz2 87 MB
rogueception.zip 82 MB


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Ha, I saw your tweet to me, and I was obviously hacked, but since you jumped the gun and blocked me, I just wanted to say, dude, you should chill out a little!  I only tweet about gaming and my occasional rant, but you say "Oh funny way to say block me" Ok, then block me! I don't care! Oh, and I agree with sleazy...your game is shit, Mine might be shit too, but at least I have 10 shitty games! What the fuck do you have? Dick!

What the hell is this? Vomit on a platter? TP3 and Hankworx are obvious your friends, because who would ever say this game is good? I wish there was a negative rating, because, -6...Wow, and its like a year old? Do you even work? Very Bad!

I echo a lot of the sentiments from Hankboozle, very relaxing and psychedelic experience, definitely has potential to be taken further outside of the Game Jam!


Very interesting concept and art direction! I really like what you've done with the colors. Volcano was my favorite visual level. Sky had my favorite audio. The gameplay is fairly relaxing and care-free, but still makes you want to continue to see more.

The rainbow visuals on the last level hurt my head a bit when moving. and level 2 seemed to be the only one where it looks like the ball/level isn't even moving, but I did appreciate all of the other levels. Not that the game really requires UI of much sort, but it could definitely use some work, and audio could also use a bit of direction. It's such a 3d experience but no 3d sound to be had.

Overall, cool stuff, nice use of procedural generation. Trippy visuals if at times a bit overwhelming. My main suggestions would be to focus on UI and audio for future updates.